LivCo on Getting Better Every Day

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LivCo on Getting Better Every Day

Personal and professional improvement is implicit in everything we do at LivCo, and we live by the four words, Get-Better-Every-Day. That’s why co-founders Dave and Russ, have been members of Remodelers Advantage Roundtables for nearly six years. What is Roundtables you ask? Simply put it is a peer consortium, where we support, teach, and learn from other similar companies in non-competing markets. But it is much more than that, and our participation is one of the biggest reasons LivCo looks like it does today and continues to design & build inspiring projects throughout the western suburbs of Chicago.

Twice a year, our owners meet with other remodeling companies’ owners widely considered the top 10% in the industry. We meet at a chosen company’s office, interview their staff, conduct a detailed swat analysis to collectively solve any burning issues and help find blind spots, and help define commitments for the owners to execute over the next six months.

Then during the next two days, we review and analyze each of the other ten or so companies in a roundtable format, with each company having about an hour to present and collect feedback. Everything is put on the table, from personal challenges to full financials. It is honest, real, and extremely powerful.

We work together to share common experiences, good ideas, bad ideas, ok ideas, and try not to re-invent the wheel. What we all do in remodeling is certainly not rocket-science, but it is still very, very… very hard. So as a collective ‘WE’, our companies take home a wealth of knowledge to our teams, with commitments to implement and make our companies stronger, and our clients happier. Here’s to getting better every day, and thank you to all of our peer companies and the RA team!!!!

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