Client Questionnaire

These following questions help give us a complete sense of who you are, how you live, and how we can design to your needs and budget.

Please check one in each group that is most important to you:
Intimate and cozy spaces with niches and nooksGrand spaces and roomsA combination of both
Keeping costs as low as possible is a priorityKeeping an eye on budget, but willing to spend for highly desired features & design elementsDesign and elegance is of highest importance
Basic level of finish that you can improve yourself over timeCustom touches and details in a few visible placesCarefully detailed and customized throughout the entire project
Sustainable products and increased indoor air quality are importantEnergy efficiency is importantUpdated plumbing, electrical, heating & cooling are important
Winter is my favorite seasonSpring is my favorite seasonSummer is my favorite seasonFall is my favorite season
For a relaxing evening I prefer going to a restaurantFor a relaxing evening I prefer a backyard barbecueFor a relaxing evening I prefer a gourmet dinner at home
Any improvements to my home must “appraise-out”I am most focused on investing in my quality of lifeI want to remodel for improved quality of life, but want to try to stay close to the relative property values of the neighborhood