Second Story

Attic and Second Floor Build-outs have become an important part of LivCo’s portfolio. Not only for the valuable spaces they provide our clients, but also for the sensitivity our design process lends to the neighborhood and history of the home.

Our Approach to Second Story Additions

With Chicago’s extensive historic bungalow inventory, LivCo approaches every second story build-out with a site specific analysis with regards to neighboring rooflines, natural light, and historic precedent. Before ever proposing tearing a roof off and building up, LivCo will always first look at the space that is already available and develop ideas to achieve our clients needs within the existing roof or with minimal impact. This saves you money, preserves the original design of the home, keeps your roof out of a landfill, and makes some pretty daggone cool spaces on the inside.

Design. Build. Live.

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