Wine Room Remodels & Additions in Chicago, IL

Wine bottles on shelf in wine room

Wine Room Remodels & Additions in Chicago, IL

As an avid wine lover, you may have a vast collection of reds, whites, and rosés that have outgrown your wine cooler. Without a wine room, you may resort to stockpiling bottles in the kitchen pantry, but this doesn’t do them justice. Create the ideal space to proudly display and preserve your collection with a wine room remodel.

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Our Approach to Wine Rooms

Wine cellars are unlike any other room in your home. You must follow specific parameters to prolong the shelf life of your collection. That’s why it’s so important to work with experienced interior designers like the team at LivCo.

We take the time to make sure every aspect of your new wine room is designed to fit your vision and is built flawlessly. We take your plans from concept to completion, keeping you involved in every phase so that you’re 100% pleased with the results!

Designing a Wine Room

The place where you proudly display your wine should reflect your personal style. At LivCo, we are experts at transforming our clients’ requests into beautiful, personalized designs. We can work with homes of any architectural style—whether modern or classical, rustic or transitional—and cater to your preferences along the way.

To retain a fresh smell and fruity flavor, wine must be stored at specific temperatures and humidity levels. This makes it essential to carefully consider everything from the ventilation to the insulation, lighting, and more.

It might sound complex, but our designers and builders are skilled at managing details for complex remodels. That can give you confidence that we’re the team you can count on to help you design a gorgeous new wine room for your Chicagoland home!

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Choosing a Size & Location

The most critical element of a well-designed wine cellar is its size. There should be ample space to store your existing bottles, with room to spare if you plan on growing your collection. You may be willing to wall off part of an existing room, or you might need to make a home addition for your dream of having a wine cellar to come true.

It’s possible to construct a wine room anywhere in your home, but remember, wine thrives in cool, humid environments. Therefore, building a wine cellar in the basement tends to make the most sense for many Chicago homeowners. This location can decrease the cost of maintaining the proper temperature and humidity year-round.

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Bringing Your Wine Room Remodel to Life

A beautiful design on paper is one thing—making the concept a reality is another thing entirely! Our goal is to make the construction process as simple as possible. We take care of the nitty-gritty details so you can focus on anticipating the beautiful finished product.

LivCo serves as the general contractor on your project, coordinating the trade workers, supplying the materials, and keeping the worksite clean for minimal disruption to your daily routine. Our architects and designers are frequently on-site to ensure the approved design and intent are followed through to the very end.

LivCo can make your dream of having a wine cellar a reality! Get started today—call 708-267-9262 to schedule a conversation with our designer.