Best Home Remodeling Projects in Winter

Boy and girl putting icing on cookies in kitchen during winter.

Best Home Remodeling Projects in Winter

If you are like most people living in the Chicago area, you’ve been spending a lot of times indoors lately. Unfortunately, there are a few more months of winter before we start to see the signs of spring. A great way to enjoy winter and to have something to look forward to on cold weekends is a home remodeling project!

  • Repaint your basement – It’s amazing what a simple paint job can do. If your walls haven’t been painted in years, their colors could be starting to fade. By adding a new color, or even just refreshing the current paint you have now – it will make a world of difference in your home. With the extra time you’ll be spending in your basement with winter in full swing, you will appreciate it.
  • Upgrade your floors – If your carpet is starting to lose its comfort or if your wood floors are starting to bubble underneath, those are both signs that updating your floor should be your project. If you are installing new carpets or new tile/wood floors, once the project is done you will walk into your home and be able to breathe a breath of fresh air. This is a project that will make your home look newer and fancier.
  • Upgrade your bathroom fixtures – If you walk into your bathroom and it looks outdated and like there could be mildew around, an easy remodeling project is upgrading your new bathroom fixtures! This could be as simple as getting a new shower head or new sink faucets. By adding new and shiny fixtures, you will feel like your bathroom has a new mood to it.
  • Add insulation – When you are sitting at home, if you feel cold no matter what you set your heat at, this could mean your home isn’t insulated well. By adding or replacing insulation, you will not only make your home warmer, but also keep your energy costs down.

Most people think that every home remodeling project needs to wait until warmer weather. But when you are spending the most time in your home you will appreciate simple renovations that make your time more enjoyable.

Take advantage of the winter weather and start your home remodeling project today – call LivCo at 708-267-9262 or contact us online to get started.