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Second Story

Attic and second floor build-outs have become an important part of LivCo’s portfolio — not only for the valuable spaces they provide our clients, but also for the sensitivity our design process lends to the neighborhood and history of the home.

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Our Approach to Second Story Additions

A second-floor addition often emerges as a strategic choice when considering home remodeling, especially for homeowners with limited lot space. Preserving outdoor areas for gardening, leisure, or maintaining a comfortable distance from neighbors becomes crucial. Moreover, your property might boast unique landscape elements, like an ancient shade tree or a picturesque pergola draped in wisteria, which you’d prefer to retain.

A growing family can benefit from the added privacy that a second story provides. It’s not just about adding more rooms; it’s also an opportunity to reimagine the existing space. You can elevate the main floor walls for a more spacious feel and reconfigure the downstairs by combining smaller rooms, especially if they become redundant with the new upstairs addition.

In cities like Chicago, with its rich inventory of historic bungalows, it’s essential to approach every second-story addition with sensitivity and precision. At LivCo, for instance, every project begins with a site-specific analysis, considering neighboring rooflines, natural light, and historical context. Instead of immediately proposing a complete roof replacement, the focus is optimizing the existing space. This approach saves money, respects the home’s original design, reduces waste by keeping the roof out of landfills, and often results in unique and captivating interior spaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my home structurally support a second story?

Before planning a second-story addition, it’s crucial to determine if your home’s foundation and structure can support the added weight. Many homes are not initially built to accommodate a second story, so a structural assessment by a qualified engineer or architect is essential.

They will evaluate the foundation, load-bearing walls, and other critical elements to ensure safety and stability. If your home cannot support a second story as it is, modifications or reinforcements might be necessary, which can impact the project’s cost and timeline.

Will I need a roof replacement?

Adding a second story requires removing the existing roof. However, depending on the home and the new design, removing and reattaching the same roof might be possible, especially if it’s relatively new or made of high-end materials.

Is a partial second story a cost-effective choice?

Partial second stories can add an office, an extra bedroom, or a bathroom. However, the assumption that partial builds will be half the cost and hassle may not be accurate. The costs for architectural drawings, support, plumbing and electrical changes, and roofing are significant and don’t vary much between partial and full builds. Sometimes, adding a full second story can offer better value.

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