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As families grow or parents move back in, the need for more space can mean additional bedrooms. If the existing floorplan doesn’t allow it, a bedroom addition either up or out, may be the right solution for your current home. LivCo explores the possibilities of the where, what, and how of your new bedroom, and works to maximize your budget while making an inspiring space to spend your nights.


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Our Approach to Bedrooms

In older homes, the bedrooms usually received the short end of the stick. Back in the day, homes were not energy efficient and they were expensive to heat. Tiny bedrooms and a small central hall bath became the standard for most 20th century homes. Today’s lifestyle and technology deserves a more comfortable place to spend eight hours a night. Bedroom and master suite additions are a valuable addition to any old home. With LivCo’s creative thinking and thoughtful design, the former place to sleep can become a place to retreat.


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