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With Purpose

Good construction requires smart design, and good design requires an understanding of construction. LivCo was created to streamline the process through a single-stop full integration of design and construction.

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One Company, One Team

Streamlined Process

Builders are not designers, and designers are not builders. Historically, the architect and builder have sat on opposite sides of the table, leaving the homeowner in the middle to communicate, interpret, and mediate. We are one company and one team working to solve your needs. We work on your behalf to deliver the space you have dreamed of within your budget, not just pretty drawings of something that is too expensive to build.

Our History

Since its inception in 2012, LivCo has completed over 250 renovation projects and won numerous awards, including over twenty Remodeling Excellence Awards, Home of the Year Award, Contractor of the Year Award, and Houzz Best in Service seven years in a row. We have been inducted into the Remodeling Big50, and most recently Dave has been inducted into the 2018 Professional Remodelers 40 Under 40. The LivCo team is widely considered a thought leader in the design + build industry, and have been featured guests on numerous podcasts. In addition, LivCo Co-founder, Dave Pollard has been a featured author in articles for both JLC and Remodeling Magazine.

Award-winning Additions and Remodeling
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Tailored Solutions

Integrated Approach

LivCo makes inspiring spaces by effectively converting our creative designs to built solutions. We provide our clients with a unique, designed, and integrated approach to altering their homes. We design solutions specifically for our clients’ needs and lifestyles, and efficiently execute this intent through construction.

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