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Kitchen Remodeling
Honor the Heart of the Home

As the centerpiece of your home, your kitchen must meet many different needs. It must be functional enough to whip up meals on busy weeknights and large enough to accommodate feasts during the holidays. It must be comfortable so your family and friends want to gather there, as well as beautiful so you can enjoy it day in and day out.

At LivCo, kitchen renovations are one of our specialties. We design spaces that cater to different lifestyles. Our process involves looking at how your family flows in and out of your kitchen to help create a space that is not only versatile in its function but beautiful in its presentation.

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Featured Kitchen Remodels

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Our Approach to Kitchens

When beginning any kitchen remodel, we like to look at ways to maximize the usefulness of the space. After all, the kitchen should be more than just a place to prepare delicious food — with the right additions, it can also be an entertainment hub, homework space, and reading nook.

Is your kitchen flexible enough to host your child’s birthday party on a Saturday night, only to transform into a cozy getaway on Sunday afternoon? Is the layout practical, with a desirable work triangle and plenty of counter and storage space? If not, LivCo can perform the transformation you’re looking for.

Designing a Functional Kitchen

Once you have your heart set on remodeling your kitchen, start by doing a little research. Browse our featured kitchens above and pick out a few that fit your design tastes. Flip through home and garden magazines for further inspiration.

If you’re looking for small kitchen remodel ideas, we can help! Not every home in Chicago has an open-plan living space and kitchen. Whether you have limited square footage to work with, or you’re interested in knocking down walls, our team can design a solution that will work for you.

When you’re ready, contact LivCo to help piece your ideas into a coherent design. Throughout the process, we’ll always consider your aesthetic preferences, functional requirements, and budget constraints. During the design phase, our job is to offer ideas — from changing the layout or adding an island to selecting cabinetry options and countertop materials — but in the end, you have the final say. After all, this is your kitchen upgrade, and only you know the features that would benefit your family the most.

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Bringing Your Kitchen Upgrade to Life

Remodeling your home is a very personal experience. You must put complete trust in your renovation company, so it’s vital to work with one that has years of experience and dozens of satisfied customers to back it up.

At LivCo, we offer unparalleled design expertise. We have an in-house designer and architect to help formulate a layout and suggest features you might otherwise miss. Once we complete the design and receive your full approval, construction can begin. We serve as your general contractor during the process, working to supply materials, coordinate the tradespeople, and keep the site tidy. Our architects and designers visit your home frequently to ensure you’re getting the kitchen of your dreams!

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Kitchen Remodeling FAQs

How long do kitchen remodeling projects take?

There’s no one-size-fits-all time frame for kitchen remodeling, as even minor differences in what you’re aiming for can result in large differences in how long it takes. Something as simple as choosing a more difficult material to work with could add days to your project; a harder-to-source product might add weeks of delays. And, of course, there are factors that are outside of your control and your contractors’ control that can make a given remodel quick or slow.

What are the steps of a kitchen remodeling project?

A kitchen remodeling project can be broken down into countless pieces, with each step of the process having its own series of steps. At the top level, you start with rough ideas for a remodel that go to a design team. After they take those ideas and come up with an initial design for your remodel, you’ll work to fine-tune the details and confirm a final plan. At this point, contractors will get to work. For the physical remodeling, your contractors will start with necessary demolition, then construct step by step — starting with interior factors such as plumbing and electrical, then rebuilding drywall, then paint and flooring, and finishing up with cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, and appliances.

How custom can my kitchen remodel be?

The sky is the limit for a custom remodel, but it’s important to realize that the more custom a particular part of your kitchen is, the more likely you are to pay a premium to customize. There’s a significant cost difference between choosing all of the possibilities from a selection of options for cabinets, for example, versus paying for fully custom design and build of cabinets.

How can I come up with ideas for my kitchen remodel?

Magazines, websites, the homes of people you know, or homes you see on television — anything can give you ideas. It’s often best to pick a single focus point or idea you really like and work from there instead of trying to figure out everything at the same time.

What can I do to renovate on a budget or improve ROI?

If your budget is limited or you’re heavily focused on improving home value with your renovation, focus on one thing at a time and improving key components that most need updating in your kitchen.

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