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Design + Build = The Best Way

The term design/build is becoming more and more prevalent in the remodeling industry today. This makes sense, as having the design and construction players on the same team is clearly the most efficient way to get from point A to point B in any renovation project.
Design/build is relatively generic term though, as there are a number of ways to achieve this from architect and builder relationships to general contractors who employ designers. We believe LivCo is design/build in the truest sense of the term.
Co-founded and co-owned by both an architect and a builder, our design experience directly influences our construction and our building experience directly influences our architecture.

To learn more about our remodeling architecture services in La Grange and Elmhurst, Illinois, contact our team at LivCo online or call us at (708) 267-9262.

Professional & Accountable

With fully licensed and AIA member architectural services as an integrated part of our entire process for every client, LivCo is able toprovide a high-level of professional services to every project from start to finish. Beyond space planning and sizing beams, our design team starts our process with full three-dimensional visualization your future spaces with accountable budgeting to backit up.

Found in Translation

Our architecture and design team is then able to efficiently convert initial design concepts and budgeting to construction documents and detailed budgeting, through our integrated pre-construction services. Gone are the days of “back to the drawing board” and handing off to another company – LivCo is one companyand one team, working for one client, with nothing lost in translation.

Triangle of Trust

Trust is paramount to our process. Trust that LivCo is built and operates with our clients’ best interests always in mind. The three parties present in every project are the owner, architect, and builder. In the traditional design-bid-build model; these three often sit on different sides of the table, pointing fingers at each other; what we call the triangle of distrust. In the LivCo process design is held accountable to construction, and construction is held accountable to design. And our single team is held accountable to our clients.

Architects Born to Build

We love to draw, but we also love to build; so every project starts our design process with a goal get constructed. If we design a project that our clients love, but it is too expensive or impossible to build, that is no fun for anyone, and frankly not a very good use of everyone’s time. With our architectural services impacted by real cost data from construction; we are able to develop construction budgets earlier, as well as engage and solve each projects constructability sooner.

Contact Liv Companies at (708) 267-9262 for more information about the architectural services our award-winning team provides to clients in the LaGrange and Elmhurst, Illinois areas. It is our pleasure to help you design the ideal living space for the lifestyle you want to enjoy.