Dave Guest Hosts “The Remodelers Show” with Michael Anschel: Can Less Be More When it Comes to Design Options?

two architects talking about design on a livestream

Dave Guest Hosts “The Remodelers Show” with Michael Anschel: Can Less Be More When it Comes to Design Options?

Today Kyle Hunt invited LivCo’s own Dave Pollard, and Michael Anschel from Otagawa-Anschel Design+Build to co-host The Remodelers Show and talk Design with a capital ‘D’. Dave and Michael discussed their similar design-first mentalities, but how they present to clients in very different ways. How many design options is too many?

While Michael’s team engages in a fully collaborative client design process with multiple options to choose from, LivCo introduces one option at the first meeting… the best option. LivCo arrives at this through internal collaboration and reaching out to their clients with questions along the way. They have found this to be a more iterative design solution that presents what they consider to be THE solution to solve our clients needs. From this extremely detailed design presentation, the LivCo design team receives tremendously valuable feedback from their clients on the feel, flow, and overall design of the space versus just responses to a floor plan.

Dave argues that most clients are hiring professional designers and builders because they are not trained to visualize and understand space from a floor plan. It is then the design team’s responsibility to present a plan solution as a real space so that clients can accurately make decisions. This goes beyond just what it looks like, which is why LivCo has introduced video, walkthroughs, and even virtual reality. Dave says “We are simply leveraging whatever technology tools we can to help translate our ideas and vision to our clients.” Dave also makes the point that by presenting just one solution at a time, the design can be more fully thought-through and developed, leading towards better efficiency in the design process and closing the feedback loop.

Check it out and decide for yourself if less can truly be more when it comes to design options:


To see how LivCo presents our first design concepts 3-dimensionally to help our clients visualize what their homes can be, visit the Drawing Board page of our website or our YouTube Channel.