LivCo’s Inaugural Client Appreciation Party at Buckledown Brewing

LivCo Client Appreciation Party at Buckledown Brewing in Lyons, Illinois

LivCo’s Inaugural Client Appreciation Party at Buckledown Brewing

A few months ago, Russ mentioned to Dave that they should take a client out to dinner to say thank you for all of the referrals. Then they realized if they took that family out to dinner, they should also take another family as well who had been a great referral source. Then they realized there were many other past clients and colleagues who had also passionately passed the LivCo name onto prospective clients looking to remodel their homes. The idea quickly evolved from a giant dinner, to a party for all of their great clients and referrals. The idea was born, but the question was who would actually want to come to a contractor’s party?

LivCo Client Appreciation Party at Buckledown Brewing in Lyons, Illinois

The concept evolved to simply creating a social environment that our clients would consider going to on a Sunday afternoon regardless of an event or not – something like BBQ, music, and beer on a summer Sunday afternoon.  Dave reached out to a local brewery and musician, and Russ connected with a homebuilder colleague who is on an award winning BBQ team. Once the schedules were coordinated the idea came to fruition and the first ever LivCo Client Appreciation Party was on!

For the party plan, Dave & Russ laid out some basic goals: Create an environment where everyone has fun and wants to be there, and develop vehicles for client interaction. Music, Beer, and BBQ was already a recipe for fun, but to encourage social interaction between folks who maybe didn’t know each other, but knew each other’s projects – LivCo came up with name badges with each client’s name, location, and a photo of their projects.

clients checking in and getting their name badges

The lanyard badges had a convention feel, so Dave developed four different badges,clients could receive: Hot Plate Hero, Superstar Reviewer, Referral Master, and Royal Repeat. Hot Plate Hero gives accolades to those that lived in their home through the remodel, often with a kitchen setup in their basements, while the latter three recognize the livelihood of small remodeling companies; reviews, referrals, and repeat business.  

name badges and books for our favorite customers

LivCo also unveiled their new project books, and gave personal copies to clients who were able to be there. And they had a small raffle prize for anyone who filled out a ticket and answered two simple questions: “What is your favorite thing about LivCo” and “What is one thing LivCo can do better”.

the johns band performs at buckledown brewing

At the end of the day, all of LivCo’s team was there, some with spouses and significant others, and over 40 past and present clients made the trip to Buckledown Brewing in Lyons, IL. LivCo is looking forward to making this an annual event, although they may have to look towards a bigger venue next year!

Buckledowns Luv Tap beer changed to Liv Tap for the day

Much thanks to Buckledown Brewing, Matt Adema Media, Jon Scarpelli &The Johns, and Jason Paliatka for the incredible BBQ.