Cottage Design Style

Newly renovated kitchen with white and dark wooden features

Whether you’re interested in learning more about cottage style or you’re looking to renovate your cottage-style home, LivCo can help.

Since 2012, LivCo’s architects and interior designers have provided Chicago and the surrounding areas with an appreciation and dedication to good design from start to finish. Our award-winning team has completed a variety of projects within a range of styles, including cottage style.

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Cottage style is popular for good reason. Cottage-style homes are great for people who value simplicity and comfort. This style boasts wood, galvanized steel, and wide-open living spaces ideal for gatherings, retreat-like spaces, accessibility, and easy maintenance.

Often associated with vacation homes, the traditional cottage style is described as quaint, cozy, and comfortable. However, modern cottage homes also offer ample space, storage, and functionality without losing any of the charms of the traditional cottage design.


Our team’s expertise can restore the look of your cottage-style home to its original glory. Many cottage-style homes were built because they were affordable and practical for families.

We understand the design principles and methods used to make your cottage home what it is today, and we can make your home work better for you with renovations to make the most of your space.


When you remodel an older home, you can run into challenges regarding updated construction techniques and codes.

When you work with the LivCo team, however, you don’t have to compromise the home’s beauty or style. Our experts will work with you to design a remodel that preserves or enhances any of the details or aspects of your home you want.


Cottage-style homes have basic frames and an asymmetrical design that make expanding the home easier.

The skilled LivCo architects will use their experience and expertise to design your cottage-style addition to work seamlessly with the rest of your home as your family’s space needs to grow.

What Does Cottage Style Look Like?

The American cottage style has strong exterior features like front and side gables, a front or back porch, and a prominent fireplace that’s usually in the center of the home.

Cottage-style homes are usually on the smaller side at 2,000 square feet or less and are great choices for first homes or families looking to downsize.

Other distinctive features of the cottage include:

  • Asymmetrical design
  • One- to one-and-a-half-story homes
  • One to three bedrooms
  • A prominent chimney in the living room
  • Stucco walls
  • Balconies
  • Small porches
  • Gable roofs
  • Bay windows
  • Wood floors

Explore our portfolio to see the cottage-style homes the LivCo team has brought to life.

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LivCo helps you love where you live. Our expert architects and designers understand how important style and details are to your renovation, remodel, or addition. Your home needs to reflect your taste and needs to function well with your daily routine and schedule.

We will work with you to preserve or enhance the elements of your cottage home that fit your intent and vision. Each project is important to us because each client has distinct needs and preferences. We apply the same level of design and respect for every project as we develop the appropriate textures, compositions, relationships, and tactility to deliver the perfect aesthetic and functional use for your family and home.

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