Bungalow Design Style

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There’s nothing that says “Chicago” quite like passing by or living in one of the city’s familiar bungalows. While you’ll find bungalow-style homes in many other parts of the country, including California, a true Chicago-style bungalow is unique.

Whether you’re looking to renovate your bungalow home and restore it to its former glory or want to remodel or add to your existing home with bungalow aesthetics in mind, the in-house architects, designers, and builders at LivCo can bring your vision to life.

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Bungalow Home Design

Most bungalow-style houses feature simple forms, deep porches, and mixed material facades. But the homes you find in Chicago’s “bungalow belt” and throughout the city have some distinct features that set them apart from those other houses.

Our bungalow home designs take your dream of bungalow living from conception to completion in a streamlined process. Our team is well-versed in the house style’s design principles, materials, and construction methods, so your bungalow remodel, renovation, or addition will achieve all your aesthetic and functional goals.


Do you own one of Chicago’s many bungalows? Renovating an older home requires special knowledge and design expertise. Choosing from a range of design possibilities, we work with you to restore your home to its original state.


Remodeling a vintage home is often challenging. You want modern conveniences, but you don’t want to compromise the home’s architectural integrity. Our team will help you plan a remodel that matches your house style and lifestyle.


Some homeowners want to add modern additions to their bungalow houses. However, many others want an addition that blends seamlessly with their existing home.

When adding to a bungalow-style home, your remodeling team must properly understand the existing architecture. At LivCo, we know what it takes to expand a bungalow-style home successfully — no one but you will know the addition hasn’t been there from the start.

What Does a Bungalow Design Style Look Like?

Generally speaking, a Chicago bungalow-style house consists of one and a half stories above a full basement level. They’re longer than they are wide and feature low-pitched roofs with large overhangs.

While most bungalows are brick, they come in many different shades of color, including red, orange, yellow, and brown. They also have:

  • Large front-facing windows
  • Wide staircases
  • Front and rear yards
  • Clear divisions between each room
  • Living and dining rooms designed for entertaining
  • Floor-to-ceiling built-ins
  • Front bay windows

No two Chicago bungalows are exactly alike. Some come with ornate details like leaded glass windows, while others have exteriors that draw on Tudor-style, Gothic, or Mediterranean-style houses.

You can see a beautiful example of a bungalow remodel in our portfolio where the homeowners successfully blend modern ideas and colors with classic details.

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Incorporating the bungalow aesthetic into your Chicago-area home is easy when you work with an award-winning design team that understands how to preserve its beauty and architectural integrity. You can always trust our team of design experts to deliver the exact bungalow-style remodel, renovation, or addition you’re looking for.

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