Mid-Century Modern Design Style

Do you have a home in the Chicago suburbs in the mid-century modern style, but it feels outdated and dysfunctional for today’s lifestyle? Whether you’re looking to renovate a mid-century modern home to restore its original beauty, simply remodel with mid-century modern aesthetics in mind, or make an addition to your home in the mid-century modern style, the team of architects and interior designers at LivCo can help you give form to your dreams!

Our team is experienced in respecting design tenets of MCM design while applying aspects of modern living and design. Our two step design process helps you visualize what your spaces can feel like so you can have confidence in any bold or inspiring modifications to your eclectic home.

To get started or to discuss this design style, reach out to us online or call the LivCo team today! Not sure yet what you want? Take our client questionnaire and we can help you figure out your vision! 

Our Recent MCM Projects

Mid-Century Modern Home Design

Mid-century modern, often abbreviated MCM, is an American design movement that encompassed interior design, architecture, urban development, and graphic design from the mid-’40s to late ’60s, though it wasn’t thoroughly defined as such until later. The Chicago suburbs host many homes in this style, some of the era and some built later, and our team is well-versed in helping to restore, transform, and add to these homes.


Restore your home to its original state with the help of our architects and design experts. With our full understanding of the era’s materials, design principles, and methods, we’ll help you renovate your home as close to its original state as you like.


Remodeling an older home can feel challenging if you don’t want to change the style and compromise the home’s existing beauty. By working with the LivCo team, you can plan a remodel that will match the style or play to it to whatever degree you prefer.


When adding to a home in the mid-century modern style, a proper understanding of the architecture of the era is critical. The architects on the LivCo team understand the mid-century modern style and can help you make additions that will seamlessly fit your home.

What Does Mid-Century Modern Style Look Like?

Mid-century modern homes were built with principles of practicality and function in mind. They were built to be easier spaces to build and live in — without sacrificing aesthetics or certain traditional features of the home. While mid-century modern can encompass any number of designs, you can identify them by a focus on:

  • Functionality
  • Minimalism
  • Clean geometric forms
  • Traditional and nontraditional materials
  • Interactions with the outdoors
  • Rich woods and textures
  • Thoughtful window compositions
  • Connection to the outdoors
  • Horizontal lines
  • Formal design elements like chimneys and wood walls
  • Vaulted ceiling spaces
  • Multiple living levels and sometimes awkward stair circulation

You can see many of these traits repeated across the mid-century modern homes in our portfolio.

Of course, when it comes to remodeling or additions, these should be guidelines at most; if your dream kitchen doesn’t adhere to the traditional out-of-sight-out-of-mind kitchen of the era, there’s no reason it must! If you want to thread the needle between modern functionality and sensibilities and those of the period and style, our experts can help you achieve that goal.

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To incorporate a mid-century modern design in your home, working with a team that understands that style is crucial to successful renovations or changes to that home. For mid-century modern homes in the area, you can trust our team of experts to design and build exactly what you’re looking for.

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