Modern Design Style

Modern design kitchen remodel

Do you love modern home design? So does the team at LivCo! In fact, it’s one of the many styles we specialize in.

Modern home design incorporates elements from the modern movement that took place during the early 1900s. Both midcentury modern, which was introduced in the 1940s, and post-modern styles evolved from the original modern design.

Contrary to popular belief, modern and contemporary are not the same thing. Contemporary design refers to the prevailing style of the present day, so it’s constantly changing, while modern design is a set design style based on a distinct time period.

If modern home design appeals to you, team up with the in-house designers, architects, and builders at LivCo to help you incorporate the proper elements into your Chicago-area home. Whether you have specific ideas in mind or need help coming up with a plan, we’ll put our design expertise to work for you.

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Modern Home Renovations

If your Chicagoland home already has modern elements but needs a bit of life breathed into it, a renovation can restore it to its original glory.

The LivCo team has a working understanding of the modern era’s design principles, materials, and methods, enabling us to renovate your home as close to its original state as you would like.

Modern Home Remodeling

Is your home stuck in the 1970s or ’80s? Ironically, modern design from the 1930s looks more contemporary than these time periods!

Fortunately, remodeling services from LivCo can modernize your home. Our team will play up the modern style as much as you want to ensure you love the finished product.

Modern Home Additions

Perhaps you’re interested in enlarging your living space with a home addition in the modern style. LivCo offers a full-service, design-build process to blend any unaltered parts of your home with the new, modern additions.

What Does Modern Design Look Like?

Modern homes are built with practicality and function in mind. They stemmed from the introduction of machinery in the early 20th century capable of building more affordable homes for more people.

The features you’ll find in a modern home include:

  • Rectangular shapes
  • Flat or slanted roof lines
  • Straight horizontal and vertical lines with few curves
  • Exposed structural elements
  • No excessive fluff, ornamental details, or decorations
  • Unadorned windows
  • Natural materials, including metal, leather, unpainted wood, and natural fibers
  • Neutral color palette
  • Reflective surfaces
  • Open floor plans

When deciding what changes to make, these elements can serve as guidelines. If your modern dream home doesn’t adhere to every aspect of modern design, that’s no problem! LivCo can help you balance multiple designs to suit your lifestyle and preferences to a tee.

For more inspiration, check out our portfolio, which features many modern projects, including:

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