Downers Grove Cottage Expanded

  • Exterior of a newly renovated home with custom porch, large glass doors, and dark design
  • Newly renovated patio area with outdoor furniture, gas grill, and glass doors
  • 2 people drinking wine and talking at a kitchen island in a luxury kitchen
  • Exterior image of a home looking up into a well lit window
  • View of a stairwell landing and windows from above
  • livcompanies kitchen renovation white cabinets white herringbone tile flooring
  • Renovated patio space with outdoor patio furniture
  • Renovated kitchen with glass doors opening to outdoor patio space
  • Newly renovated kitchen with white and dark wooden features
  • Newly renovated bathroom with white walls and dark wooden sink cabinetry
  • Newly renovated kitchen with white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances
  • Newly renovated bathroom with white walls and flooring and dark wooden sink cabinet
  • Glass door knob in intricate vintage-style gold door knob holder
  • 2 people drinking wine at a kitchen island in a newly renovated kitchen
  • Newly renovated bedroom with window, large bed, and a door open to a half bath
  • Newly renovated white tile standing shower with silver fixtures and recessed lighting
  • Newly renovated bathroom with white/gray tile in the shower
  • Newly renovated bathroom with gray honeycomb floor tiles and a statement gray sink cabinet

Our client came to us with her charming, but challenged English cottage in Downers Grove. The existing plan was disconnected from the backyard with a dead-end and dark kitchen, and the existing steep and narrow stairs limited interior remodeling options to achieve a more usable and connected kitchen.

LivCo’s solution was a 2-story addition planned around a new stair tower. This major move allowed the kitchen to expand outward and added enough space to add another bedroom which became the Owner’s Suite above. With the existing plan having no full bathroom upstairs we were able to re-plan the home to have two gracious bathrooms upstairs and a charming hidden powder room on the first floor. With this plan we were also able to move the basement laundry room to the first floor, and build a deck with steps to both the driveway and backyard.

In keeping with the concept to connect to the outdoors, the second floor addition portion overhangs the new deck below making a covered porch area connecting to the new kitchen through a Jeldwen folding door system. Dramatic, clean, bright, and comfortable, this new addition has surely changed the day to day for this family, from coming down the stairs every morning, to meal prep, to hanging out in the outdoor spaces. Truly a home with character, now full of inspiring spaces inside and out.

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