vintage dormer bungalow addition in Brookfield Illinois designed and built by LivCo

Oak Brook
Home Remodeling

vintage wood stair entry in a Brookfield IL bungalow

Nestled in the heart of Illinois, Oak Brook boasts an eclectic blend of traditional Chicago residences and stately Victorians, presenting a rich tapestry of architectural styles. This town is not just about homes; it’s a hub of activity with its dynamic downtown areas and the iconic Oak Brook Center as its cultural beacon. LivCo takes immense pride in undertaking projects in Oak Brook, ensuring that the essence of its streets and classic homes remains untouched. Yet, we also recognize the need to adapt these homes to contemporary living standards.

Together, we reimagine and revitalize their cherished homes, reflecting the unique character of this western suburb while infusing a touch of modern elegance.

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