David Pollard Writes About Leveraging Your Value in Remodeling Magazine!

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David Pollard Writes About Leveraging Your Value in Remodeling Magazine!

Recently, the co-owner of LivCo, David Pollard, wrote a guest piece for Remodeling Magazine — the remodeling industry’s most widely recognized publication. We were so thrilled to have one of our remodeling experts featured in this prestigious magazine, and we are even more excited to share David’s insights with our valued clients!

Home Remodeling & Renovation Expert Insight

David has a long history as a top professional in the remodeling industry. In his article, he speaks about how to leverage the value that remodeling experts bring to the table. While material prices may be going up, the long-term value that working with an expert in the field provides far outweighs the costs associated with the project itself. According to David, there are three main ways that home renovation experts can increase their value to potential clients:

  • Design: Virtual flythroughs, mood boards, home tours, inspiration videos, and more are all extremely helpful for allowing clients to envision the end result of their home renovation project. Especially with long wait times and soaring material costs, taking more time to flesh out a solid design with your clients allows you to provide a more enjoyable experience.
  • Expertise: Being a constant source of information and guidance for your clients is necessary to provide a stand-out service.
  • Offerings: With the design and pre-construction process taking longer than ever, now’s the time to connect with new vendors, build relationships, learn, and build more sophisticated projects to keep clients engaged.

Especially in today’s tumultuous remodeling industry climate, it’s important for professionals in the space to identify opportunities to stand out from the crowd. At LivCo, our team is uniquely capable of providing clients with a completely personalized experience from the moment they contact our home remodeling experts.

We develop a custom-tailored design, complete with virtual experiences, visual presentations, home tours, and more. From there, we act on your behalf, coordinating with vendors and acting as your go-to source for all the details and questions you may have about your home renovation project. We are always working with new, local vendors to provide the latest and greatest solutions for our clients.

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