What is Midcentury Modern?

What is Midcentury Modern?

If you are thinking about renovations, midcentury modern or mid-mod is a term that might come up. MCM is a functional style that once flourished with post-war families from the mid-20th century. It combines rich wood juxtaposed with organic-shaped objects and bold accent colors.

Found in homes located in Chicago’s suburban area, rooflines are flat, and homes include exposed beams, ceilings, brick, and open floor plans. However, like other house trends that include multipurpose and ergonomically designed furnishings, it can start to feel outdated or lagging with today’s smart appliances and busy families.

Whether you are considering renovating your home to its original beauty or want architecturally exclusive MCM furnishings and accent pieces, our team includes interior designers, architects, and builders who will expertly define your interior spaces with a timeless mid-mod flair!

Specializing in all aspects of midcentury modern, our professionals will utilize a two-step design process to help you visualize how inspiring, modern, and bold design ideas will transform your living spaces.

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History of MCM

Midcentury modern decor broke from the ornate traditions and frilly decor of its predecessors. Starting as a simple concept in the middle of the 20th century, it transformed homes with bright accent colors, and every piece had a purpose.

Undercutting trends where rooms were only used for special occasions and included elaborate and clashing fabrics, zebra woods, and ebony, midcentury is simplistic, functional, and unashamed. Combining a sleek elegance and contemporary vibe, homes for nuclear families included linear styles, clean lines, and sleek furnishings.

Our experts highlight modern wood furnishings and make them focal points with subtle undertones to ensure they do not contrast with each other or resemble a 1960s museum. The result is purposeful furnishings that can handle daily use and even fit all your gadgets and tech, versus outdated shelving and credenzas that served as TV stands.

We understand that midcentury renovations require thought, expertise, and careful planning to create a welcoming environment that supports daily use. Whether it’s floating bathroom vanities, a glass and chrome table, an Eames ottoman on a textural rug in your living room, or industrial-style cabinetry adjacent to a transitional couch, trust our team of innovative designers!

What Components Make Up MCM?

Midcentury modern furnishings often include teak wood because of its durable style, rich color, and beautiful aesthetic. In addition to wood, other MCM items include metal, vinyl, and glass. The use of unique and oddly shaped tables gave rooms bold accents and let geometrically shaped furniture with clean lines stand out.

Color schemes found with MCM designs were simple, single elements or several bold colors in a fabric scheme, pillows, or other decor.

MCM decor includes elements like:

  • Furnishings that focus on function and clean geometric shapes and lines
  • Woods like oak, teak, and rosewood and elements like vinyl, glass, and metal
  • Accent pieces and bold brights, pastels, or earth-tone colors
  • Fabrics in velvet, polyester, vinyl, wood, and boucle
  • Materials like plywood, steel, cement, lucite, tubular metals, and fiberglass

How LivCo Does Midcentury Modern

Design. Build. Live. Break from extravagant and ornate designs with midcentury modern while maintaining functionality.

Founded in 2012, LivCo offers customized, personalized, and tailored remodeling solutions to fit specific customer needs. As one of the nation’s leading design firms in the Chicago area, let our co-founder and creative director, David, an architect, create custom designs for your renovation or new build project.

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