Using Home Equity to Renovate & Remodel Your Home

Using Home Equity to Renovate & Remodel Your Home

Home equity loans are typically used for home improvement projects because there is a friendly relationship between your home’s equity and improvements made to your home. Home remodeling projects increase the value of your house and add more equity to your home.

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When to Use the Loan (And When Not to Use It)

Look at the home equity loan as an investment in your house. Would this be a wise investment or not?

Wise investments include either:

  • Resale: These equity-financed jobs return high resale value (ex: kitchen remodels).
  • Emergency: These equity-financed jobs are necessary, otherwise further damage to your house could occur (ex: bathroom remodels due to emergency leak).

* Caution: Your home’s equity is also dependent on other factors unrelated to your renovations. However, the relationship between equity and your Chicago-area home’s condition is certainly one that you should leverage.

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