Glen Ellyn Transformation

With an ideal spot for their relocating family to Glen Ellyn, these clients purchased this home knowing the layout and details needed some work. The large home had been previously expanded with a 2nd story addition, but the rooms seemed overly compartmentalized, the finishes were outdated, and guests had to walk through the kitchen workspaces to get anywhere.

We began with by exploring alternate kitchen locations and landed on shifting the office and bedroom spaces around to maximize the social kitchen space and adjacent dining and family rooms. Along with this core planning concept, we were able to move the laundry to the 2nd floor, turn the basement into a mudroom, and maximize every inch of the rear wall that we could for expansive views to the large backyard.

Walls were removed, walls were added, bathrooms were gutted, details were refined, and the result is spectacular!

Bathrooms, Glen Ellyn, Kitchens, Remodeling