couple sharing a glass of wine at kitchen island in downers grove addition with folding doors open to back yard

Downers Grove
Home Remodeling

woman cutting a lemon and preparing drink at kitchen island in downers grove luxury remodel

With an authentic downtown vibrancy, Downers Grove also offers a range of different housing types in an urban-suburban environment. Houses built in just about every decade allow LivCo’s creative design team to make truly unique and customized solutions for every Downers Grove client. Whether a simple carefully designed dormer addition on a historic cottage, an expansive kitchen remodel to open to the backyard, or addition housing a new glass stair tower, we have all the tools to make homes into spaces beyond your imagination.

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Remodel Services

Are you looking to transform your home’s function, flow, and aesthetic appeal? LivCo is a full-service design-build company dedicated to reimagining and bringing your space to life. With extensive expertise and an in-house team of project managers, architects, and contractors, we make your remodeling project a success from the start.

We’ve streamlined our process, making it easy to accomplish your dream home. Our remodeling services rejuvenate the following areas of your home:

Bathroom Remodeling

We provide bathroom remodeling services that utilize your space in imaginative and thoughtful new ways, incorporating strategic storage and modern conveniences.

Kitchen Remodeling

Tired of your outdated kitchen? Our kitchen remodeling allows homeowners to express their unique style, using high-quality materials and finishes to create a functional and beautifully crafted space.  

Basement Remodeling

Unlock the potential of your unfinished or finished basement with LiveCo’s basement remodeling services, bringing value, additional space, and comfort to your home.

Whole-House remodeling

LivCo simplifies your whole-home remodeling projects, providing professional expertise and comprehensive solutions to address every room of your home.

Home Addition Remodeling

Are you growing out of your home? Create space to amplify your existing square footage with our home addition services. Our designers and builders create solutions that integrate the style of your home while bringing your vision to life.

Our home addition services include:

Architectural Services

A design-build approach to home remodeling creates a space for professional accountability, clear communication, and a triangle of trust. Our architectural services are consciously built to streamline the process, ensuring your needs are met at every stage of your remodeling project.

Our services include:

  • Custom home design
  • Remodel design
  • Addition design
  • Permit assistance

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It’s rare to find an architect leading a remodeling project from conception and construction to completion. At LivCo, we work as one company and team with in-house builders, designers, and architects led by Dave, our co-founder and creative director. This ensures that every stage of design and development is a collaborative approach that maximizes creativity, efficiency, and quality.

Experience a seamless remodeling process for your Downers Grove home. Schedule a consultation by calling LivCo at 464-214-2715 today!

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