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La Grange
Home Remodeling

Just a short train ride to downtown Chicago, La Grange is a fantastic suburb to raise a family, commute to work, and enjoy the expansive urban offerings of restaurants, bars, shops, and festivals that downtown La Grange is known for. Full of large Victorian and craftsman four-square homes on a carefully laid-out grid, LivCo has brought its creativity to numerous award-winning projects in La Grange through expansions, renovations, and additions.

These historic homes have grand living spaces, but the kitchens and baths were typically cramped and designed for a different time. It takes an expert design and architecture team like LivCo to be able to creatively plan and figure out how to open walls while structurally supporting the spaces above.

Through our design process, we have been able to create open plans in older compartmentalized homes, build upwards on historic farmhouses, and extend the interior social spaces to the entertaining areas of the backyard.

From bathroom and kitchen remodeling to home additions and architectural services, LivCo is the team you can trust to bring your vision to life. Contact us at (708) 267-9262 to book a remodeling consultation with our team today!

Remodeling Services in La Grange

Most homes in La Grange were built in 1951 or earlier, meaning it’s likely that your property could use an update to its interior aesthetic. At LivCo, we specialize in revitalizing interior spaces, offering expert remodeling solutions for every area of your home:

  • Basement remodels: With our innovative remodeling expertise, you can unlock the full potential of your basement, turning it into a cozy retreat, entertainment area, or functional living space.
  • Bathroom remodels: Transform your bathroom into a luxurious oasis with our expert remodeling services, enhancing functionality and style to suit your needs.
  • Kitchen remodels: Elevate your culinary experience by revamping your kitchen space with our comprehensive remodeling solutions, tailored to your style and preferences.
  • Whole-home remodels: Renew the essence of your entire home with our holistic remodeling approach, seamlessly blending design, functionality, and comfort for a transformative living experience.

Reimagine what’s possible for your home by calling our team at (708) 267-9262 to book your remodeling consultation in La Grange!

Addition Services

Whether your family is expanding or you simply need extra space, our team provides the home addition solutions you need to expand your interior and enhance functionality:

  • Bedroom additions: Customize your living space to accommodate your growing needs with our bedroom addition services.
  • Second-story additions: Expand your living space vertically with our second-story additions.
  • Sunroom/patio additions: Embrace the beauty of the outdoors year-round with our sunroom and patio additions.

Add onto your La Grange property with help from our remodeling experts. Call (708) 267-9262 to request a home addition consultation with LivCo today!

Architectural Services

When embarking on your renovation project, having a skilled architect by your side can help transform your ideas into tangible structures. From conceptualization to compliance and construction, our architects partner with each client every step of the way to shape their visions into reality. Blending creativity with technical expertise, we craft innovative designs that reflect your unique vision while prioritizing functionality, sustainability, and affordability.

Trust our team to bring your architectural aspirations to life — call (708) 267-9262 to get started with our architectural services today!

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